Thursday, June 10, 2010

June Book Reviews

I really appreciate the writings of Randy Alcorn. He has been a pastor and is the founder of Eternal Perspective Ministries (EPM). He is the author of over thirty books with over 4 million in print. I have read several of his Christian fiction books and his book, Heaven. I have also read his most recent book, If God is Good. In my June Book Reviews I am focusing on his works.

In his book, Heaven, Randy writes about Heaven from a purely Biblical base. I am on my third reading of the book, and am still learning more with each read. There is also a study guide to accompany the book and I strongly recommend that you purchase the guide with the book. As a child I guess I imagined Heaven as riding on a cloud with wings on my back and my hands strumming a harp. In this book your eyes will be opened to pictures of a wonderful and beautiful eternity. You will study and learn about the New Heaven and the New Earth based on actual Scriptural accounts. I have recommended this book to several friends who have taken time to purchase and read the book. Their feedback has always been positive and they have recommended the book to others!

His novel, Safely Home, won the 2002 Gold Medallion Award. This is a book that once you start reading it you cannot put it down. It holds your attention from the beginning to the exciting, heart-warming conclusion. The book focuses on the development of the Christian church in China. You will meet characters in the book who are totally committed to their faith no matter what the consequences. You will find yourself on the edge of your chair as you read about the lives of these people who put their faith in Jesus above everything. I have recommended this book often and the feedback is always a great big WOW! I have given copies of the book to others and they also have come back to me with a great big WOW! The book is paperback and available in most bookstores and on-line at

If you have not read his Alcorn’s novel, Lord Foulgrin's Letters, you really need to get a copy and read it this Summer. You might not want to read it late at night as it will probably keep you awake. This book is frightening, convicting, and too real! I guarantee that you will see yourself in the pages of this book. You will, through Alcorn’s excellent writing skills, experience the feeling of pure evil in the world. You will experience the feelings of desperation of those who have taken their eyes off the cross. You will witness how evil weaves its vicious web through our earthly lives. And, you just might want to read this with a friend.

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