Friday, November 26, 2010

When Will Jesus Return?

When I was a small boy I asked my mother, “when will Jesus return?” She smiled and said, “no one knows. You best be ready. He can return any time that God chooses for him to return.”
Now, for a small boy that is not enough.
“You mean just any time?” I asked my mother, pressing the issue. The smile on her face faded into a solemn stare. “Yes, any time. Perhaps, when you least expect him, or are doing something you should not be doing.”
Now she was getting serious.
“You mean he will return without any announcements?” I asked hoping to hear I was wrong. “Yes, dear, without any announcements he will return.” She said firmly. “And if I were you, I would sure stop and think before I did anything or went any where.” “You mean he’s just going to show up some day?” I asked her. “That’s right Bobby,” she said, “some day when the world least expects him, Jesus will return.” Gulp, I swallowed hard. “What if I’m asleep? “Oh, then Jesus will gently wake you,” she responded and patted me on the head.
That sounded okay to me.
“What if I’m in school?” I asked, hoping she would suggest I might want to drop out of school so I would not be there when Jesus returns Mother laughed. “If you are in school, and studying hard, he will be so proud of you and he will wrap his arms around you and give you a big hug.”
Well, that sounded okay, too. “I guess it’s okay for him to return when he wants, then,” I said to my mother.
She gave me one of those looks you never forget. “Bobby, Jesus does not need your okay for him to return. He will be back when God chooses. So, if you are not asleep, or studying hard in school, you might want to be doing something that would please him.”
If Jesus had returned last evening, where would he have found you? Watching Monday Night Football? Watching a reality program on television? Reading a book to a child? Spending time with family and/or friends? Studying your Bible? Helping someone?Having an illicit affair? Watching a porno movie? Or just sitting in a local bar getting smashed?

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